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Donetsk is a large city located in eastern Ukraine. It is a relatively new city, founded in 1869 by a Welsh businessman who set up a steel plant and some coal mines in the area. It is the fifth largest city in Ukraine with a population over 1,100,000.

Donetsk is also called the city of a million roses. This active, well groomed and blooming city welcomes tourists hospitably. Donetsk is considered to be the greenest of all industrial cities of the world.
The history of the city goes back to 1869, when the construction of a steel plant started here. The manager of the plant was technician metallurgist John Hughes, that’s why a settlement springing up around the plant was called Hughesovka (Yuzovka). From the Hughes’ plant (today the Donetsk Metallurgical Plant named after Lenin) started metallurgical industry of the Southern industrial region. In 1924 Yuzovka with population of more then 50 thousand inhabitants was renamed in Stalino. Since 1961 it is called Donetsk like now days. In 1978 the population of Donetsk totaled one million people.

The cultural centre of Donetsk and all the Donetsk region is one of the greatest arts museums of Ukraine, the holder of Award “Zolotoy Skif-1999”, Donetsk Regional Arts Museum. Its collection numbers 11500 works of painting, graphic, sculpture and other arts and crafts. Presentations of regional prizes named after painter A.Cuingy, composer S.Prokofjev, poet V.Sosjura, writer V.Shutov take place in museum halls.

The symbol of Donetsk region represented on the Donetsk Region Coat of Arms is the Palm of Mertsalov, which embodies prosperity and pride of its inhabitants. A copy of the famous work made by Ukrainian smith-master Aleksej Mertsalov, a worker of Hughes’ plant, is located near the building of Local History Museum. The original Palm with the weight 315 kg is kept in Saint Petersburg in the Mining Institute’s Museum.

The unique in Europe Park of Forged Figures is recommended to visit in Donetsk. As Donetsk is the first of the former Sovjet Union’s cities officially admitted to “The Ring of Cities-Smithes” involving the best blacksmith cities of the world. Fairy-tale characters, signs of the zodiac and many other works of blacksmith's art involve into the world of fantasy and elegance. The blacksmith's work festival takes place in the Park of Forged Figures every year.

A tour of the city gives an opportunity to see a lot of monuments: Memorial Tablet to Vasyl Stus, Monument to The Liberators of Donbass, Memorial to the soldiers fallen in Afghanistan and even the Joseph Kobzon statue.
Take a sightseeing tour of Donetsk and make sure, that an industrial city can be the centre of culture and beauty.