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Skhidnytsya Hotels

Resort Complex Respect SPA Hotel (Skhidnytsia)
Carpathian Respect SPA-hotel is located in a picturesque nook of Skhidnytsia village, one of the Carpathian resort in Lviv oblast. Respect hotel assures comfortable rooms, professional balneotherapy. Pump-room with the mineral water is located on the hotel’s territory. 27 rooms boast modern amenities and stunning view of the Carpathian Mountains.
Services: treatment of digestive system, respiratory system, nervous system.

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Medical Services:
•  hydrolaser gingival irrigation (wash of the liposaccharide and polysaccharide film);
•  inhalation therapy;
•  speleotherapy (halotherapy) is a medical use of dry superfine sodium chloride with predetermined parameters of concentration;
•  combined underwater massage shower (therapeutic method combining three procedures: underwater massage shower, whirlpool bath, and hydromassage);
•  ozokeritotherapy / Fango-Paraffin (thermotherapy using medical ozokerit);
•  hydrotherapy (irrigation of intestine with a liquid);
•  hydrotherapy (hydrolaser gingival irrigation);
•  herbal therapy.

Rehabilitation Complex “Kievskaya Rus”
Treatment and rehabilitation complex “Kievskaya Rus” invites visitors aiming at pleasant rest and treatment in a marvelous corner of the northern and western Carpathians, balneotherapy resort Skhodnitsa. Complex has its great Medical Center.
Medical center is equipped to provide with a wide spectrum of prevention, diagnostics and treatment procedures of different diseases.

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“Kievskaya Rus” offers the following services:
• balneotherapy
• gas injection with carbon dioxide
• hirudotherapy
• infrared Sauna
• ozokeritotherapy
• phytotherapy
• ozonotherapy
• speleotherapy
• mudtherapy
Medical Center in Skhodnitsa, one of the best resorts in Ukraine “Kievskaya Rus”, equipped with the newest technologies of the leading world manufacturers and provides a wide scope of services.

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