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Truskavets Hotels Catalogue

Diagnostic Medical Treatment and Rehabilitation Resort Complex

Complex consists of:
• Medical center equipped with the newest technologies,
• 370 comfortable rooms,
• own mineral water pump-room,
• SPA center with mini - aqua park, gym, sauna and beauty shop
• Entertainment center with disco, billiards and bowling, tennis courts and open-space archery area.

Описание: http://wintra.com.ua/userfiles/image/catalog/rixos.jpg

There are also 2 restaurants, 6 bars, 3 conference rooms, children's cafe, mini-club for children and children's playground, bank, shopping gallery.

The medical center offers treatment and rehabilitation of such diseases:
- gastrointestinal tract,
- respiratory system and metabolism,
- chronic gynecological and urological diseases,
- backbone and joints pathologies.
The world medicine best achievements, modern equipment of the leading manufacturers, newest technologies of the domestic balneology and physiotherapy are used for diagnostics in the Medical Center.

Resort Complex CHALE GRAAL
“Chale Graal" is a new, architecturally unique treatment and rehabilitation resort complex in the very heart of Truskavets city.
• comfortable apartments,
• diet program,
• balneotherapy and ozokeritotherapy,
• high-tech methods of physical therapy,
• modern SPA technologies, bath center,
• a team of physicians and specialists in balneotherapy, rehabilitation and physiotherapy

Описание: http://akwatur.com/wp-content/gallery/chalet-grail/2-vneshnij-vid.jpg

Modern Medical-SPA center “Avel” with unique equipment is located in the territory of treatment and rehabilitation complex “Chale Graal”. 
The Center offers treatment of:
• the digestive system;
• liver, gallbladder, bile ducts;
• pancreas;
• kidney and urinary tract infections;
• endocrine system;
• metabolic disorders.

Resort Complex Mirotel Resort & Spa
Mirotel Resort & Spa is a new word in hospitality of Ukraine offering swimming pools and saunas, big choice of different face and body treatments, beauty saloon.
Med-Palace Medical Centre is one of the key advantages of Mirotel Resort & Spa. Due to the latest equipment, the centre can perform about 350 types of diagnostics (ultrasound, endoscopy, X-ray, lithotripsy, laboratory tests).

Описание: http://gohotels.com.ua/images/gohotels/hotel/3430/342910/8a9f06b698345f38af5764e0b9d9b330.jpg

The main types of diagnostics are as follows: 
• urology,
• cardiology,
• neurology,
• gynecology,
• and many others.
All the patients’ test results are kept in a digital library, and a client has an opportunity to obtain information on any digital device. Mirotel Resort & Spa is connected to Med-Palace by a convenient covered passage.

Sanatorium "Karpaty"

Описание: http://www.truskavetsua.com.ua/wp-content/gallery/karpaty/gl_1_0.jpg

Sanatorium “Karpaty” is the gold medal winner of the GRAND PRIX National award in landscape architecture and design.


Sanatorium specializes in treatment of:
• diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, ulcers)
• liver and pancreas (hepatitis, colitis, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, pancreatitis)
• kidney and urinary tract (chronic pyelonephritis, cystitis, prostatitis, urethritis)
• aftertreatment following a surgery on kidneys,
• metabolic disorders (diabetes type I and II)
• condition after extracorporeal lithotripsy (lithotripsy)
• lithogenic diathesis.

Treatment basis:
• pump-room with the mineral waters “Naftusia”, “Sofia”, “Maria”, “Bronislava”;
• treatment and diagnostic department (clinical, biochemical laboratory, computer and functional diagnostics);
• therapeutic department (therapy baths, showers, ozokeritotherapy, magnetic treatment, UHF, laser therapy, inhalation, massage therapy, exercise therapy, dentist).
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