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The Mysteries of the Odessa Catacombs


The Mysteries of the Odessa Catacombs

Odessa catacombs - the longest in the world. By some estimates the length of underground labyrinths under the city is about 2500 miles. They are longer than the catacombs of Paris and Rome several times. Till present day there is no  map of moves, the researchers argue that the secrecy of the catacombs not disclosed. 
During 3 hours tour You will learn lot about: the history of the catacombs, directly connected with history of development of Odessa; about the period in the life of the town, which proudly called Porto Franco; and of course about criminal pages of the biography of Odessa. But the most important and the most significant part of the tour is devoted to the story of the heroism of the citizens of Odessa during the second world war: then in the catacombs was stationed partisan group, which had a decent resistance to the fascists.
You will visit a Museum "Partisan Glory", will pass through an underground maze of 850 meters within 45 minutes and will be able to experience the situation, in which there were heroes.


Please note: 
1. he temperature in the catacombs at any time of the year +14 degrees. In the Winter is comfortable, but in the summer, it is better to take a jacket or sweater; 
2. The shoes definitely should be comfortable, sports;
3. Thake a bottle of watert;  

Price includes:
- Private car
- Private guide
Prices are valid for Rus/Eng/Ger/Fra/Spa/Gr/Pl languages.
  Prices for other languages are upon request.



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