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Palaces of Odessa

Excursion start/end in lobby of your hotel. 

We invite you to visit unique elite tour "Palaces of Odessa". This excursion not just going to tell you about interesting historical facts, she will give You the opportunity to take in the aristocratic atmosphere, feel the respectability of the Odessa Palace era. 
We will help tip to read the encrypted messages of Odessa architects;
You will learn about the secrets and the fate of the legendary denizens of the palaces;
You will feel the powerful energy of the Palace buildings of Odessa.

During excursion  you will visit:
- The Palace of the present  Shah of Iran;
- You'll discover the secret room-trap Palace of the Naryshkin-Potocki;
- You will hear the story about the spirit of Emperor Paul, which leaves the famous Vorontsov Palace;
- You will learn how the writer Kuprin explored the trail of the smugglers in the Palace of Prince Gagarin.
The most interesting awaiting You at the end of the tour:

You will visit the unique Palace-estate of Tolstoy.
This is the only Palace in Odessa, preserved in large degree our environment. 
- this Palace was designed by the architect Boffo, the author of the famous Potemkin steps;
- one of the rooms of the Palace was designed by the authors of the famous Odessa Opera house;
- You will see a unique Grand piano, according to legend, belonged to Franz 
Liszt. By the way, if you know how to play music, You will be given the opportunity to play in this piano. 
Palace of Tolstoy is not just a Museum, it is a living house where you can by touching to feel the powerful energy of this house.

After the tour You can descend to the courtyard of the Palace, to sit and enjoy a Cup of coffee. As did the count and countess Tolstoy. 
Duration of excursion 3 hours.


Price includes:
- Private car
- Private guide
Prices are valid for Rus/Eng/Ger/Fra/Spa/Gr/Pl languages.

 Prices for other languages are upon request.



1-2 pax

70 euro

3-4 pax

32 euro per person

5-7 pax

19 euro per person