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Underground Lviv

Walking tour through the underground world of Lviv. Duration: 2 hours.
Lviv has the oldest and longest dungeons. Some of them were used by monks for praying and preparation of alchemical potion.
The tour covers the longest and oldest dungeons of Lviv – dungeon of the former Dominican Monastery, where the princess Constance prayed in the underground cells and served the punishment of the first beauty of Poland Elizaveta Ostrogska. 
In these dungeons, the oldest in Ukraine pillory was found. It was used for the execution of Prince Leo the I of Galicia.
Dungeons of "Pharmacy Museum” that in the Middle Ages performed the role of wine-makers, even now has large barrels and ancient bottles for liqueurs and tinctures. 
Lviv as the city of coffee also has dungeons of coffee. Lviv coffee mine hospitably opens its coffee dungeons and tells a story of appearance of coffee in Lviv, a person who brought it to this city.
In 1256, when Lviv was first mentioned in the Galician-Volhynian Chronicle, the city stood on the river. Today the river flows underground in a huge pipe.
To see the underground river Poltva, you should go down to the artistic underground under the Lviv Opera House.
On the banks of the river, in the middle of the XVII century, a Jesuit monastery was built. Today the dungeons of the Monastery and Church of Transfiguration are called the most mysterious underground of Lviv, where the marble sarcophagus is located and the walls still hide many secrets.
Entrance tickets: Dominican Monastery – UAH 15 adults, UAH 10 students, UAH 5 kids; “Pharmacy museum” – UAH 20 adults, UAH 15 students, UAH 5 - kids; Jesuit Monastery – UAH 15 adults, UAH 10 kids.