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Seven Wonders of Lviv

Walking tour to unique sights of the city. Duration: 3 hours.
There were Seven Wonders of the World in ancient times, but now we have only one! From the former seven wonders, we can admire only the pyramid of Cheops.
In Ukraine, we have our own “seven wonders”: Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, St. Sophia’s Cathedral, Medieval part and tower of Khotyn Fortress in Kamianets-Podilskyi, the ancient city of Chersonensus, Arboretum Sofiyivka in Uman, Khortytsia island.
Lviv has many "wonders", but only seven of the most worthy were chosen. Be ready to discover them!
Chapel of Boims 
Earlier among seven wonders of the world were Mausoleum in Halicarnassus, nowadays it is Taj Mahal, mausoleum in India, while Lviv has its own similar wonder – chapel of Boims – mausoleum of the family of Hungarian origin.
Nowadays this wonder of architecture and arts of the beginning of XVII century is the department of Lviv Art Gallery. For almost 400 years, this pearl of late Renaissance architecture attracts with its wonderful harmony of architectural forms and diversity of beautiful stone curving.
Solomia Krushelnytska Lviv State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet.
On the beginning of ХХ century, the press mentioned that Lviv Theatre is one of the youngest and the fabulous theatres in Europe. Building of this theatre lasted only 3 years. There is no such mirror lobby in any theatre of Europe. The foundation (for the first time in Galicia) was made from reinforced concrete layer by the firm owned by Ivan Levynskyi.
The pride of the theatre is the unique canvas curtain of 180 sq.m. made by artist Henrikh Semeraldskyi.
Gentry Casino or House of Scientists. 
A celebrated building company of Helmer and Felmer constructed many theatres of Western Europe (Odesa, Sofia, Vienna). In Lviv, this firm constructed the former club of house breeders, which is nowadays the House of Scientists.
Uniqueness of this house is restored during the restoration of paintings on the skin with hot paints! Also unique are ladders with oak railing, and in each room, the walls are covered with silk.
All engineering utilities are hidden; heating of all premises is carried out from the boiler house located next to the basement.
On the facade, 4 atlantes hold balconies: Atlantes made of zinc are empty inside, but covered with a special mixture that gives them a stone-like look.
St. George’s Cathedral. 
The magnificent rococo architectural ensemble of XVIII century dominates on a high hill above Lviv. It is the oldest in Ukraine, the creation of well-known architects Bernard Meretyn and Ioan Pinzel, "Ukrainian Michelangelo of XVIII century".
St. George’s Cathedral is the spiritual shrine of the Greek Catholics of Ukraine. There kept such antiquities as the icon of Virgin Mother of XVII century, the copy of Shroud of Turinsimilar with St. Sophia’s Cathedral (one of the wonders of Ukraine and shrine of Yaroslav the Wise) in the crypt of Cathedral perpetuate the relict of Prince of Galicia Yaroslava Osmomysla.
Bernardine Church. 
Three outstanding architects created new church of monarchs Bernardines. Pavlo Rymlianyn, Lviv architect of Renaissance epoch, began creation of the church in 1600. This fact explains the architectural richness of the building.
The interior of church stands in stark difference to the rest of famous buildings in Lviv. It has 16 active baroque altars, marble sculpture of the Blessed Virgin Mother, the work of Italian sculptors of the middle of the XIX century, the icon of the Mother of God crowned by the Pope John Paul II.
Korniakt Tower. 
The identity of the medieval Lviv was the 65-meter-high Korniakt tower, built in 1578 from the hewn stone and named in honor of its founder, Greek merchant Kostiantyn Korniakt.
Potocki Palace. 
Polish architect Tsybulskyi built Potocki Palace in the middle of ХІХ century. It was built due to the sample of French palaces. Exposition of Western European paintings and sculptures of the 14th – 18th and exposition of interiors of the 19th centuries are located there. 
Lviv Art Gallery.
Lviv Art Gallery is the biggest art museum of Ukraine, numbering about 50 thousand exhibits; masterpieces of world art are among them.  
Voznytskyi Borys Hryhoriiovych is the Hero of Ukraine. He was a head of the gallery more than 40 years and was a live legend of his time. 
Entrance tickets: Chapel of Boims – UAH 30 (in winter period only exterior); Potocki Palace – UAH 30 (the first floor); Gentry casino (the House of scientists) - UAH 20; Lviv Opera House – UAH 40.