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Lviv by night

Walking tour around streets of Lviv in the evening. Duration: 2 hours.

Lviv is wonderful in the evening, when "small Eiffel", a 200 meters television tower on the High Castle shines in colorful lights; when the lights of seven colors change on the sculptures of the Dominican church; when the guitar flutters in the hands of street musicians on the Rynok Squre. The tour will feature the stories of Lviv Romeo and Juliet; the unlucky fate of the first beauty of Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth Elizaveta Ostrogska, as well as the story about women that saved Italian lovers from the hangmen sword.
Tourists will visit heart-warming parts of Lviv for Lviv hooligans "Batiars"; meetings of the famous Lviv artist Artur Grottger and his beloved Wanda Monet; places where balls and carnivals took place, feel the age of sentiments, guitars and albums, hear a story about staying in Lviv of adventurer Giacomo Casanova and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch.