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Kamianets-Podilskyi and Khotyn fortresses

During this trip You will visit 2 unique objects, which were included in the list "The Seven Wonders of Ukraine" which represents seven cultural and historical wonders of the country that were selected in the Ukraine contest on July, 2007.

Kamianets-Podilskyi – the city is called "a flower on a stone", "a pearl of Podillya Region", it is the third city in Ukraine by the number of architectural and historical monuments. In the medieval city You will feel the history & true spirit of the Middle Ages. In the program of the day off you will see the famous fortress. Built on a peninsula with an area of ​​121 hectares in the Smotrich River valley with a canyon of 40-60 meters in depth, from the height of a bird's flight it resembles a small stone miracle on a rock. Here is also located one of the most beautiful zone for ballooning in Ukraine.

Khotyn fortress - the stone castle was built here by King Danylo Halytsky in the XIII century, after which she undergone several reorganizations. There was a stormy history in the fortress. The monument to Hetman Sagaidachny reminds us of the great battle of 1621, when the Polish-Ukrainian troops won here a victory over the Turkish army, despite the enormous numerical superiority. But almost in a century the Turks managed to get a fortress, while they built new fortifications with shafts and gates. Through one of these gates we will enter the outer courtyard.

The buildings of the Turkish time were destroyed here, but the time of Joining Khotin to the Russian Empire still resembles the church of Alexander Nevsky. From here, from the outer courtyard, offers a magnificent view of the old fortress. Looking at her, you immediately understand why the castle is so popular among filmmakers - the landscape captures breath. In the courtyard of the old castle we will see a church that visited its mosque, a curfew's palace, where once held in the harem of 30 women, and the castle well, cut into a rock. The mighty walls that rise above the tranquil flow of the Dniester will leave unforgettable impressions.


1 day


1 dayLviv (departure at 7:00 am) — Khotyn (tour around Khotyn fortress) — Kamianets-Podilskyi (lunch, tour around fortress and Old town, free time) — Lviv (return approximately at 12:00 pm)

The cost includes:

  • transfer by comfortable bus;
  • excursion on the way and places of interest in English;
  • insurance during the trip.

Extra charge: meals, entrance tickets to touristic places.

Cost of entrance tickets to touristic places/per 1 person:

  • Khotyn fortress: 50 UAH (2 EUR);
  • Kamianets-Podilskyi fortress: 40 UAH (1,5 EUR).

Meals/per 1 person:

  • breakfast is offered at your choice in "Zupynka café" in Ozerna village near Ternopil. Approximate cost: 100 UAH (4 EUR);
  • lunch takes place in café or restaurant in Kamianets-Podilskyi. The offered menu: vegetable salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage), soup with meatballs, rice, meat Podillia, bread, uzvar. Approximate cost: 150 UAH (5 EUR);
  • dinner is offered at your choice in “Zupynka café” in Ozerna village near Ternopil. Approximate cost: 100 UAH (4 EUR).