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Charms of Lviv coffee shops

Walking tour through the world of coffee and delight. Duration: 2 hours.
Discover the story of coffee and coffee shops not only in the cultural space of Lviv.
The tour takes place in the medieval part of Lviv, where cafes with interiors of the princely times are located: "Synia Plyashka", coffee shop where you can immerse in the atmosphere of Lviv of Austro-Hungarian times. “Videnka” is one of the oldest coffee shops in Lviv. There are wall paintings of XVIII century in “Videnka”, which were found during reconstruction. Lviv is the city not only of coffee but also of lions; therefore you can find a lion near coffee shop “Zolotyyi Dukat”

In the most extraordinary coffee shop "Virmenka" you can taste Turkish coffee with oriental spices. It is not far from the coffee shop of Lviv bohemia “Under clepsydra” of art center “Dzyga”
Lviv coffee mine will discover the history of coffee. "Shtuka" is a coffee shop with the interior of the beginning of XX century. This coffee shop is a favorite place for people of arts.
NOTE: the price of coffee degustation is not included.