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The Holy Dormition Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra (Caves’ Monastery)

Welcome to the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, a place that heals the soul, gives peace and food for thought!


The Holy Dormition Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra Monastery, is also known as the Kiev Caves’ Monastery - is a Ukrainian Orthodox monastery, was founded in 1051 by a monk St. Anthony Pechersky. The memorial is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

It is a holy place, where pilgrims from all over the world travel for a thousand years, where more than 120 saints are take rest imperishable for a thousand years! The caves of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra are valuable treasures, located at a depth of 5 to 15 meters, but according to the scientist’s research, caves are much more spacious than we think about!

There are more than 15 magnificent churches on the territory of National Reserve. There are temples on both the lower and upper territories. We will examine the most famous churches, they are of different size and age, with excellent interiors and styles, the most churches are built in the style of the Ukrainian Baroque.

The reserve is situated on the picturesque hills of Dnieper River. From the sightseeing spot of the Bell Tower you will have an opportunity to delight the view over the gold-domed monastery complex and marvelous banks of the river.

Трапезная церковьКиево-Печерская ЛавраБлижние пещеры
Киево-Печерская Лавра

During this excursion, we offer to you:

  • to learn about the history of this amazing place, about the way of life of the simple monks & the saint ascets whose take rest in the walls of a monastery imperishable for nearly a thousand years!
  • to look into the underground labyrinths of caves – it may be possible to unravel at least one of the mysteries they keep;
  • see the Church of All Saints, admire the Assumption Cathedral, go into the Holy Trinity Church, preserved from the 12th century;
  • admire the view from the Lavra bell tower and even drink the water from the holy spring!

N.B.: Please, note that according to the rules of Orthodox Monasteries, during the visit women should wear long skirts and have something to cover their head (hat or a scarf). A man should wear trousers (but not shorts).

Optional (for the request):

1) Excursion to the Museum of the Historical Treasures of Ukraine & the Museum of Microminiatures. Duration – 1,5 hour.

Museum of the Historical Treasures of Ukraine.

Museum of Treasures displaying the rich Scythian Gold collection, the magnificent collection of the Silver Judaica and European Silver of XVIII-XX centuries.

Музей исторических драгоценностейСкифское золотоМузей Виктории и Альберта

There are various decorations of ancient people, their weaponry, horses harness, ritual vessels, etc. The highlights of the Museum are  the most ancient silver decorations of the Early Slavs (6th - 8th centuries) and the works by the goldsmiths of the Kyivan Rus (9th – early 13th centuries).

There are also outstanding collections of Ukrainian Goldsmithery and the works by the goldsmiths of Russia from the 16th – early 20th centuries.

Museum of Microminiatures.

The author of all the works is Nikolai Syadristy, which is considered as the best miniaturist in the world. His museums are also located in Moscow and Andorra.

Блохамузей микроминиатюрыМузей микроминиатюры

You will see the unique & unrepeatable exhibits, which were all made by hands:

  • the real shoddy flea;
  • the smallest violin in the world;
  • the caravan of camels, placed in the eye of a needle;
  • the portrait of Yuri Gagarin, placed in a thorn seed;
  • the portrait of the famous ballerina Maya Plisetskaya, placed on a piece of cherry stone;
  • the illustrated book with the size of 0.6 mm consists of 12 pages, on which the poems of are written;
  • and many others!

2) Excursion to the Park of Glory & Museum of the Great Patriotic War. Duration – 1 hour.

Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War - is one of the largest in the CIS memorial complex dedicated to the history of the Second World War, located inside the monument "Motherland" on the sopes of the right bank of the Dnipro river. The park offers a beautiful panoramic view of the city & Dnipro river.

Родина - мать

The colossal 62 meters high (102 meters with pedestal) statue of the Motherland is made of special stainless steel and assembled using a special crane.

There are two observation decks (both are equipped with binoculars):

The first observation deck - at the foot of the monument (36.6 meters height), can accommodate up to 15 persons. To get to there is possible by the elevator from the third floor. Access is in the order of the queue. The ticket price - 50 UAH/per 1 person.

The second observation deck - on the shield (91 meters height), can accommodate only up two or three persons. The elevator moves you inside the monument to the mark "65 meters", then you go through the briefing, put on the insurance and go up another 26 meters on the stairs (in hand with a shield). On this site only adults (persons from 18 years old) are allowed. It operates under a good weather conditions (t°C from +5 to +30), without precipitation and strong wind gusts. The ticket price - 200 UAH/per 1 person.

liquor storeМузей победыМемориал

The complex combines the Museum building and the Motherland statue, gallery of sculpture expositions, commemorating the heroes of the battlefields and rear front, the Glory Cup (16 m diameter), and the interesting exhibition of the arms, military equipment and weapons from the World War II time.

The main display is located in the area of 5.000 m and counts more than 12.000 relics. Numerous exhibits of documents of military commanders, participants of the war, collection of orders, medals and letters, documentary evidences of the war witnesses, unique things of the occupation and the liberation attract visitors attention.

Excursion (Monastery)

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Excursion (Monastery + Museums)

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Price includes:
- transfers by private car/mini bus;
- services of private English/Russian speaking guide.
- entrance tickets
*Extra charge:
- German/French/Italian/Polish/Greek and other languages – from 20 EUR/per 1 group.