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St. Sophia

Excursion start/end in lobby of your hotel (2 hours)


Saint Sophia Cathedral symbolizes the status of Kiev as the capital of the Christian principality. This masterpiece of medieval architecture occupies the one place of the world by the amount of the conserved mosaics and frescos from the 11th century. The Cathedral was built in the XI century, after the baptism of Rus (988) during the reign of Prince Vladimir. This is one of the oldest cathedrals of the Kievan Russia, which continues to be preserved today. Saint Sophia Cathedral was the first entered in the UNESCO World Heritage monument of architecture in the territory of Ukraine. One of the biggest Christian temples of its time was built by Prince Yaroslav the Wise in honor of Sofia - the divine Wisdom. In the 11th - 20th cent., St. Sofia Cathedral was the main temple of the Kiev Metropolitanate. Its architectural composition resembles the image of the city of God - Celestial Jerusalem. In 1685 - 1707, the cathedral was overhauled in the Baroque style.

Its interiors are of particular interest. Out of 640 sq. m. of old Rus mosaic, 260 sq. m. have survived; the composition is centered around the image of Christ the Pantocrator on the main cupola. The Virgin Orans mosaic, the Eucharist and the Church Fathers images are well preserved. Some 3000 sq. m. of frescos have survived as well. The cathedral contains the sarcophagus of Yaroslav the Wise and his wife Irina.


Main Belltower of the cathedral was built in 1699 - 1706. In 1934 the government decided the cathedral was converted into a historical museum. The original Saint Sophia Cathedral miniature model is exhibited in the cathedral.
Main tower of the St. Sofia Cathedral is open for visitors, and a 42 meter high bell tower you can enjoy the magnificent panorama of the wonderful city.

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Price includes:
Private car
- Private guide
Prices are valid for Rus/Eng/Ger/Fra/Spa languages . Prices for other languages and groups are upon request.

Extra charge:
- entrance tickets 4 euro per person



1-2 pax

65 euro

3-4 pax

25 euro per person

5-7 pax

15 euro per person