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St. Sophia Cathedral & St. Andrew’s Descent

During this excursion, you will have an opportunity to visit an interesting sights of the city and to carry out a shopping tour for Ukrainian souvenirs, which are represented by a wide choice.

ЛаврамозаикаСофийский собор

Duration - 3 hours.

Saint Sophia Cathedralthe wisdom of God  - an outstanding monument of ancient Kievan Rus architecture of 11th century, symbolizes the status of Kiev as the capital of the Christian principality. This is one of the oldest cathedrals of the Kievan Russia, which continues to be preserved today. Saint Sophia Cathedral is the first monuments of architecture in the territory of Ukraine which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

St. Sophia Cathedral, the Metropolitan was founded by Grand Prince Yaroslav, called "the Wise" in 1017 or 1037. It is believed that the 40 masters and 80 assistants could complete construction within 2-2.5 years.

Софийский собор

Preserved through the centuries and have survived 260 sq.m. mosaics and 3000 sq.m. frescoes of 11th century! Hardly anywhere in Europe you can find the cathedral, where so many frescoes of 11th century preserved.

is the not exhaustible fount works of art, to which historians and tourists come to see and enjoy the wonder of Byzantine and Old Rus architecture. Everyone who enters the St. Sophia Cathedral striking magnitude by central figure in the apse - praying figure of the Virgin Mary - Oranta. The height of the mosaic of 6 meters. Mosaic is composed of stone and glass plates of different colors (about 177 shades of different colors). Mosaics, which shown the Eucharist and the Fathers of the Church, impress by their well-balanced. The central apse and dome of St. Sophia Cathedral are decorated with mosaics, walls painted with frescoes.

древние фрескидревние фрескидревние фрески

The Main Belltower of the St. Sofia Cathedral was built in 1699 - 1706. In 1934 the government made a decision that the cathedral was converted into a historical museum. The original authentic miniature model of Saint Sophia Cathedral is exhibited inside the cathedral. The Main Belltower of the cathedral is open for visitors, and a 42 meter high bell tower you can enjoy the magnificent panorama of the wonderful city.

Around St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev are monastic buildings of the 17th century, made in the architectural style of Ukrainian Baroque. The interior of the cathedral is almost not changed. Only Iconostasis appeared at the end of 18th century and iron floor tiles in the 19th century. Decorated with a magnificent baroque elements, St. Sophia Cathedral is organically combined with a picturesque complex of the 18th century monastery of St. Sophia, built in the Ukrainian Baroque style.

Sofia Kiev also served as a necropolis, in particular, an ancestral princely burial vault. Until now, in the Cathedral of Sophia of Kiev, is stored the sarcophagus where Prince Yaroslav the Wise has been buried. The son of Yaroslav Vsevolod, the grandsons Rostislav and Vladimir, the great-grandson Vyacheslav were also buried in the cathedral of Sofia.

St. Andrew’s Decent - is the second most popular street in Kyiv after Khreshchatyk. Going to St. Andrew's descent can visit the many attractions.

Андреевский спускАндреевская церковь

It once was a customs house, a frontal place, and a street of "red lights", and "Kyiv's Montmartre". This is where Kyiv’s most beautiful church is located – St. Andrew’s Church as well as the most mysterious castle of Richard, the museum of Mikhail Bulhakov, the favourite monument of Kyiv honeymooners, etc. There are also located many restaurants with bohemian names and romantic atmosphere as well as theatres and museums. Now, this street is a museum, the street of celebration, shopping & wide choice of Ukrainian souvenirs.

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St. Sophia Cathedral & St. Andrew’s Descent (3 hours) Price/per 1 person/English SG* Price/per 1 person/Russian SG*
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3-5 pax/6-7 pax 40 EUR/20 EUR 30 EUR/15 EUR
8-15 pax 15 EUR 10 EUR
St. Andrew’s Descent & Motorboat trip (3 hours) Price/per 1 person/English SG Price/per 1 person/Russian SG
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3-5 pax/6-7 pax 40 EUR/20 EUR 30 EUR/15 EUR
8-15 pax 15 EUR 10 EUR
St. Sophia Cathedral & St. Andrew’s Descent + Motorboat trip (4 hours) Price/per 1 person/English SG * Price/per 1 person/Russian SG*
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3-5 pax/6-7 pax 55 EUR/35 EUR 45 EUR/30 EUR
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