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Open-Air Museum “Mamajeva Sloboda”

A joyful tour to the Mamajeva Sloboda open-air museum in Kiev is an excellent opportunity to get to know the national traditions and discover the authentic Ukrainian architecture.
Leave the hustle of the big city behind and relax, strolling through the narrow streets on the museum!

Русальная неделяСлобода
СлободаУкраинские мужчины-реконструкторы

Duration: 3 hours.

Meeting with a guide in the hotel lobby. Transfer to the Excursion.

The open-air museum “Mamajeva Sloboda” includes 98 objects.

You will see a real Cossack church, a smithy, a shynok, a house of fortune-teller, estates of Cossack superior, churchwarden, Cossack-dzhura, blacksmith and potter. The household constructions of these estates host big grey oxen, horses, sheep, pigs, goats, and other domestic animals and birds. Like a time-machine the white Ukrainian houses located in natural surroundings of green gardens will transfer you to the Cossack times of Ukrainian land. You may easily hold in your own hands any element of interior as well as household equipment. While passing by the lake Krasavytsia, the source of the legendary Lybid river, use your chance to feed carps or turtles. Domestic animals on Cossack estates also will not mind being treated.

During this tour, you will:

  • Admire beautiful and cozy territory of the "Cossack village" Mamaeva Sloboda;
  • Discover the pearl of the wooden architecture – the Holy Virgin Church;
  • Listen to the stories and legends about the Ukrainian customs and traditions;
  • Explore the spacious fairground, the wooden windmills and authentic huts under the thatched roofs;
  • Feel a peaceful and joyful atmosphere of the genuine Ukrainian village.

For an additional fee, you can book a lot of activities such as:

  • horse riding;
  • master class in blacksmithing;
  • master class in cooking dumplings;
  • master class in folk dances;
  • dressing up in Ukrainian national clothes and much more.

Please ask for details before booking a tour.

Price: from 30 EUR/per 1 person

Price includes:
- transfers by private car/mini bus;
- services of private English-speaking guide.

Festive program "Cossack Wedding in Mamaeva Sloboda"

Украинская кухнясвадьба в украинском

Duration: 3 hours (from 2 p.m. till 5 p.m.). Every Wednesday starting from March, 2018.

Meeting with a guide in the hotel lobby. Transfer to the Excursion.

At the Fair Square the visitors will happen upon the wedding. Matchmakers and best men, bridesmaids and helpers will dance and sing funny folk songs. They will let you try historical liqueurs and will generously invite you to become a part of Ukrainian wedding. 
In a good company you will move to Ukrainian restaurant – shynok. Together with brides, there you’ll sit at the dinner table.
During the banquet every guest will have a chance to taste different dishes, soft and strong drinks of Ukrainian historical cuisine. Piglet meat served on traditional clay frying pan (rynka), dushenyna (stewed veal with vegetables), varenyky (dumplings) with cherries and sour cream – it is not the full list of dishes that will be served by agile and funny matchmaker (shynok keeper).
Of course, no wedding is possible without folk musicians and old Ukrainian songs. That’s why they’ll sing and play for you and then folk group Cossack girls will teach you how to dance ancient Ukrainian dances: Oira, Krakovyak, Grechanyky, Kartoplya, and others.


  • Reproduction of the most interesting elements of Ukrainian wedding;
  • Cognitive trip around the Cossack Settlement;
  • Festive banquet;
  • Degustation of historical Ukrainian liqueurs;
  • Celebration with folk group musicians and folk group singers;
  • Master-class in Ukrainian dances.

Food per 1 person – 700 grams
Soft drinks per 1 person – 1100 ml
Alcohol drinks per 1 person – 500 ml

Cold appetizers

Pickled vegetables

Mixed fresh vegetables

Homemade sausage

Salted pork fat with garlic 

Brynza (sheep milk cheese)    

Herring with potatoes

Hot dishes

Potatoes in their jackets

Piglet meat served on traditional clay frying pan (rynka)                                                                              

Veal dushenyna (stewed veal with vegetables) 


Varenyky (dumplings) with cherries and sour cream


Home-made bread

Soft drinks

Mineral water «Morshynska» (non-carbonated)     

Sandora juices

Uzvar (compote with dried fruit) 

Alcoholic Beverages


Dulivka (pear liqueur)

Plum liqueur

Cherry liqueur                          

Medovukha (honey liqueur)

Price: 75 EUR/per 1 person

Price includes:
- transfers by private car/mini bus;
- services of private guide;
- festive program.