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Jewish heritage in Kyiv & Babiy Yar

The Jews left a very impressive mark in the history of Kiev.
During the tour You will visit the Brodsky synagogue and the Babiy Yar memorial, learn about the history of the Jewish community, which existed on the territory of Kiev for more than 1000 years. 

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Duration - 3 hours.

Meeting with a guide in the hotel lobby. Transfer to the Excursion.

The history of Kyiv is closely connected with the history of the Jewish people. History of the Jews in Kiev has both white and tragic periods. The Jewish population of Kiev has always been at a high level, and the Jews for centuries been an  integral part of Kiev. From the time of Kievan Rus', when the foundation was Jewish merchants hem to luxurious architectural masterpieces on the sticky, which belonged, for the most part,  members of the Jewish population.

During the tour, tourists will visit the Brodsky synagogue and the Babiy Yar memorial; learn about the history of the Jewish community in Kiev and the priceless contribution of Jews to the history of our city. Golda Meir - the President of Israel, was born in Kiev. Sholom Aleichem created his immortal works in our capital. Lazar Brodsky, whose donations were built by the Polytechnic Institute and the Bessarabian market, a synagogue and other famous buildings.

The route of the tour runs from the landing site through one of the oldest streets - Zhytomyrska that existed in the times of Kievan Rus, which focused on ancient monuments, then - through the area of ​​Lviv (Lvov in ancient times through the gate was entrance to the city), Artema St., Lukiyanovskaya St.

Babiy Yar - a place of the infamous mass extermination of Jews during the Great Patriotic War, list of the world's Holocaust memorial, the most tragic in Kiev, as a kind of reminder of the anti-human crimes of the Nazis.

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Excursion Price/per 1 person
1 pax/2 pax 90 EUR/45 EUR
3-5 pax/6-7 pax 30 EUR/20 EUR
8-15 pax 15 EUR

Price includes:
- transfers by private car/mini bus;
- services of private English-speaking guide.

Extra charge:
- German/French/Italian/Polish/Greek and other languages – from 10 EUR/per 1 person.