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Extreme tour to the Chernobyl

You will see the "ghost city" Prypyat, abandoned in times of Soviet Union and frozen forever…
You will touch a part of history that have changed the World!
Magazine Forbes recognized Chernobyl zone as the most original vacation spots!

Safety: Routes on which we will move, with the strict observance of the requirements of accompanying, radiation hazard DOES NOT PRESENT!

Per one day of a full-scale excursion to the Chernobyl zone you will receive a dose of radiation exposure approximately as much as 1 hour of flight in an airplane which is 160 times less than the dose received for one fluorography and 3600 times less than for one whole body CT scan!!!

During this trip you will see the town that was left by its 50 thousand inhabitants within 24 hours.
Visit to the cemetery of the used machinery where you can see thousands of trucks, helicopters, armoured vehicles used for transportation of personnel.
A visit to the press centre and a documentary film demonstrating the liquidation and liquidators of the man-caused catastrophe on the 4th reactor. Photo-gallery, model of the Station, little known first-hand information about the sarcophagus conditions nowadays.


08:00 - Departure from Kiev;
10:00 - Arrival at the Dityatky checkpoint – watching documentaries about the Chernobyl accident and making new friends on the way;
10:30 - Entry into the Chernobyl exclusion zone and the start of the excursion.


11:00 - Chernobyl City: Memorial Park, Firefighters Monument, Open Air Military Display, Church, Chernobyl Docks.
Here you will learn the history of this former Jewish city whose name in English translates to the "wormwood" plant.
12:00 - Ecologically clean Lunch in Chernobyl restaurant – traditional Ukrainian meals
13:00 - Pripyat: Hospital, Port, Central Square, Hotel, Sports Centre, Courtyard, Amusement Park (with ferris wheel), swimming pool, grammar school. 
You will learn the history of this typical Soviet city, how it was evacuated and what happened to the city after the evacuation.
15:30 - Chernobyl Power Plant; safe distance photography – old sarcophagus and new sarcophagus. 
Here you will discover details about the Chernobyl accident and how the aftermath is being managed today. You will find out about the largest moving object in the world – the new safety containment (sarcophagus).
16:15 - Photography opportunity at Chernobyl-2 (radar Duga). 

Here you will learn how useless this giant radar system was and why it was more expensive than the construction of the nearby power plant.


16:30 - Dosimetric control x2. For your own safety.
17:00 - Leave the Chernobyl exclusion zone
19:00 - Arrive safely back in Kiev at the meeting point.


Attention! You can book any scheduled group tour listed in the tour calendar. The registration usually closes 3-5 days before the tour date.

Prices - from 100 EUR/1 person
Tour costs include: 

• permission for entrance to the Chernobyl zone, meetings arrangement, insurance;
• transfer;
• ecologically clean lunch;
• services of a guide (Russian/English-speaking).