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Babiy Yar + Cyril Church

Excursion start/end in lobby of your hotel (3 hours )

The route of the tour runs from the landing site through one of the oldest streets - Zhytomyrska that existed in the times of Kievan Rus, which focused on ancient monuments, then - through the area of ​​Lviv (Lvov in ancient times through the gate was entrance to the city), st. Artema Lukiyanobskaya area. Next you will see Babiy Yar - a place of the list of the world's Holocaust memorial, the most tragic in Kiev, as a kind of reminder of the anti-human crimes of the Nazis. 

Kiev history is closely linked with the history of the Jewish people.

The Jewish population of Kiev has always been at a high level, and the Jews for centuries been an   integral part of Kiev. From the time of Kievan Rus', when the foundation was Jewish merchants     hem to luxurious architectural masterpieces on the sticky, which belonged, for the most part,     members of the Jewish population. History of the Jews in Kiev has both white and tragic periods.

Babiy Yar - a big ravine where there were mass executions (for 2 days were killed about 100 thousand people). Babiy Yar - a big ravine where there were mass executions (for 2 days were killed about 100 thousand people). On the territory of the ravine are such monuments: monument to Soviet citizens shot and prisoners of war, a monument to the Jews shot - the Menorah, the monument shot the children, a monument to the victims Kurynivska tragedy. Next object - Cyril Church, which was founded in 12 century. at the time - on the outskirts of Kiev (tep. district Dorogozhichi). In 1194 there was buried in Kiev prince Svyatoslav - the hero of ancient poem "The Song of Igor's Host." Because of its wall paintings, the church declared a State Historical and Cultural Museum.



Price includes:
- Private car
- Private guide
Prices are valid for Rus/Eng/Ger/Fra/Spa languages . Prices for other languages and groups are upon request.

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- entrance tickets 2 euro per person



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