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Hunting is an oldest business of humanity, which was born about 6000 years ago. It is man’s business, demanding bravery, observation, great caution, accuracy in actions. Process of hunting is very interesting and exciting, arousing primitive man’s instincts. 
Hunting in Ukraine have been different from hunting in other countries, because of situation of Ukraine in two climatic zones (moderately-continental and subtropical) and in two territorial zones (mixed forests, forest-steppe, steppes and mountains). This combination has made a lot of beautiful landscapes and has been a reason of the unique Ukrainian fauna’s appearance.
Hunting in Ukraine has a lot of varieties. Different forms of hunting proposed by us can satisfy the requirements, interests and wishes of the most hunters and admires of hunting.

Ukraine is well-known by the hunting on:

deer, aurochs, elk, wolf, wild boar, fox, roe, hare, lynx, forest marten – in the mixed-forest’s zone and forest-steppe’s zone;
fur-bearing animals, deer, moufflon, wild boar, fox, roe, marten – in Crimea Mountains and Crimea;
wild boar, deer, wolf, hare, fox, marten – in Carpathian Mountains. 

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