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Excursion to the Strategic Missile Forces Museum (1 day)

The museum is located on the border of Kirovohrad and Mykolayiv regions. Not long ago, the museum objects were strictly confidential, that were part of 46th Missile Nizhniodniprovskaya Order of the October Revolution, Red Banner Division.
In the missile base located missiles SS-24 "Scalpel" silo-based. Also in the museum you can see samples of rocket engines, auxiliary vehicles, mock nuclear warhead.
Visitors brought to R-12 (it was she who played a key role in the Caribbean crisis in 1961) and RS-20 missile (SS-18 "Satan"), the most powerful to date.
By underground Poterna in lengths of 155 meters, you can get to the underground command post, designed for fully autonomous operation within 45 days.
At the beginning of museum visitors to consider the offer samples of missiles engines and missile SS-4 «Sandal».
In the halls of the museum there are exhibits telling the story of the Strategic Missile Forces and the 46th missile division.
Continuing the path of the underground postern, sightseers come to the underground unified command post (UCP).
Acquainted with him, and rising to the surface, you can consider the silo-launcher and samples of special-purpose vehicles.
Further, past the fortified guard post and a complex battle of the barrier, visitors can see examples of cruise missiles and intercontinental ballistic missile SS-18 Mod 5 (NATO reporting name) (GRAU designations are 15А18М - R-36M2 «Voivode»).

Price includes:
• Transfer
• Entrance tickets
• Excursion over the museum

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