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Tour to “Shabo” winery (1 day)

A village Shabo is located near Belgorod-Dnistrovsky city. The village was found 200 years ago by the French-Swiss settlers and has since become a pearl of wine production. Shabo is well-known for its wine production, on its territory there is the industrial and trade company “Shabo". 
“Shabo” has a long history. The grapes are grown from the twelfth century.

Tour to the "Cultural Center of Shabo wine":
• Ancient “Royal Basement” created more than 200 years ago by the French-Swiss settlers.
• Ancient Sherry basement.
• The giant underground warehouses located at a depth of five and nine meters underground.
• Brandy yard with majestic oak barrels for aging cognac noble.
• Unique Champagne house for the production of high quality sparkling wine by the classic method.
• An unusual museum with its maze of ancient myths about wine.
• Cinema, where you will find a fascinating story about Shabo village and its founder - Louis Tardane - Swiss wine and the first mayor of Shabo.
• Fountain of Dionysus - the symbol of Shabo.

Price includes:
• Transfer
• Entrance tickets
• Wine tasting

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