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Travelling within Ukraine

Девушки Украины

Arrival & transfers
The majority of travellers arrive in Ukraine by air landing in the country's main international airport Boryspil (20 km away from Kyiv) though international flights are also operated to and from Kharkiv Odesa, Lviv, Symferopol and Dnipropetrovsk. Major Ukrainian European and world airline com¬panies serve regular flights connecting Kyiv with all European capitals and largest cities and providing for convenient connections to further destinations.
Domestic flights may be a good alternative - turboprops commute from Kyiv to main regional centres every day. However, because of frequent changes in the flights schedule we suggest you consult your travel agent in Ukraine for the confirmation of available services.
Kyiv is conveniently connected with the nation's major cities by a ramified railroad network and your railroad trip to virtually any destination within the country will in most cases be an overnight journey in comfortable sleeping car. Railroad fares are relatively moderate but the availability of tickets may be limited especially in peak season. Therefore using services of a local tour agent may relieve you of a hassle with choosing the right train and booking a ticket.
Municipal transportation is fairly reliable especially in big cities with metro lines. Though you may be surprised with the cheapness of fare you may find that especially in rush hours taking a taxi is a safer and faster option. Many visitors particularly those arriving on business, prefer to book a chauffeured car from their travel agent. 
Finally, we recommend you ordering an airport-city transfer from your tour agent will be much economical than using services of occasional drivers offering you a transfer to the city.

Operating Hours
Offices usually open at 9 am and work till 6 pm on weekdays with lunch breaks from 1 to 2 pm being quite common. Banks admission hours are as a rule from 9 am to 1 pm. Shops especially groceries, remain open till at least 8 pm. 

Though credit cards are increasingly more widely accepted across Ukraine having a sufficient supply of cash is important. ATMs are installed next to large shopping and business centres plus there are many currency exchange office scattered over busiest parts of cities and accepting US dollars, Euros and other major currencies.